Illinois Medium Prices + Services
Sessions, Readings, and Mentorship

Pricing + Services

All sessions can be held in-person, by phone or Skype. Sessions are
not dictated by a time limit, they run 45-75 minutes in the norm.
One on One
Individual Sessions
$250individual session
PACKAGE DEALS (Can be used by purchaser or used as a gift!)
Three 1-Hour Sessions: $575.00
Four 1-Hour Sessions: $750.00
One on Two
Couples Sessions
Does NOT have to be spouse.
Events + Parties
Group Sessions
House Parties
Stage performances
How I Can Help You

Business Events + Mentorship

Motivational Tool
Business Events
Focused on using intuition as a business advantage, i.e. management, marketing, sales.

1 hour (1hour+ is to be negotiated)

Learn the Way
 1st month
Week one  = 2 one hour calls
Weeks 2-4 = one 1hr calls a week

2nd Month
Week 1 = 2 1hr calls
Week 2 -4 = two 45min calls

Any additional months to be determined, usually by call only.