James Demos

James Demos

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Julie T

James' mediumship abilities are more phenomenal than any psychic I have ever seen. James was able to communicate with my deceased loved ones as if they were still alive and in the room, and tell me things there is no way he could have known, even things I had forgotten about. His sessions healed my heart and played a major role in me letting go of my loved ones, my feelings about their death, and moving forward in my life. His readings also brought me great comfort and security that my loved ones are okay. I want to testify that James is a true medium and has been blessed with a real gift. I highly recommend him.

Julie T
Dr. Beth  W

Mr. Demos has been a friend since 2008.  I met him at an IANDS conference.  He mentioned to the crowd that he is an evidential medium.   He seemed to be impressed that I was seemingly young and already had obtained by doctoral degree in psychology.  A  mutual respect.  He is a very caring and persistent individual.  He is someone that will go the extra 10, 000 miles for you.  I have been impressed by his abilities as well.  There was 1 time in particular that he was able to verify someone’s psychiatric diagnosis with little to no details.  I myself didn’t know this person.  It was shocking because the diagnosis was unusual and written in old school language.   There are other examples but that was one I will not forget.  He can certainly tap into another plane.  His heart and abilities will wow you as well.

Dr. Beth W
Virginia S.

I have had the privilege, over the last 25+ years, of witnessing Jim Demos grow into who he is meant to be...a compassionate, caring, and masterful person. His gifts of mediumship and psychic abilities enhance the lives of those who seek guidance from him! I recommend getting a reading from Jim, periodically, to expand your understanding of yourself and the world. Thank you, Jim, for your contribution to my life!

Virginia S.
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